Finally home

If you pop into Wellow school reception you will see an familiar face. Me, I am back home!

After 10 weeks on show in the Southampton city library, I have ended my time with the Marwell guys. And what a finally we were given! The oginaisers held a Goodbye event over last weekend at the home of Hampshire cricket Ageas Bowl.

Many members of the public came to the venue to see all of Marwell’s Zany Zebras on show and enjoy them all together, in all their glory. Ending the zebrastastic event with my big cousins being auctioned off to raise money to raise lots of vital funds for endangered Grevy’s zebra and other at risk species.

Don’t forget to say hello if you see me around the school! I wonder what my first task will be!

Watch this space 😄.


Home sweet home!


Goodbye Southampton

Wow what a time I had in Southampton. It was so nice and relaxing staying in the library watching everyone on the Zany Zebra trail. People always coming and going looking for that right book, I was never lonely 😊.

The best part of my time was being visited by the children of my school and taking their ‘Zelfies’ with me.

They took funny pictures, cute pictures, smiley pictures and even dressed up but all made me smile.

Thank you for visiting me I appreciated the company. 💕

Hide and seek!

On the 16th July I started the biggest game of hide and seek. It has been so much fun watching hundred of people, old and young taking the time to look for me. If you’re not already aware I am based in Southampton Public library with some of my friends ( 24 friends if you need them for your trail). You can pick up a map or download the Zany Zebra app to help you on your trail.

Bonjour, ciao, jambo, guten tag- a clue to help find me in the library!

Thank you to everyone that has started the trail and came to say hello. I have spotted lots of you already. It’s wonderful that you are all so proud that I belong to the school even making your friends and relatives search for me too. Listening to the lovely comments from you guys and the public, you should be proud of your hard work 😄.

I hope more of you come and visit me soon! Don’t forget to get that important ‘ZELFIE’ picture to enter the schools ZELFIE challenge. Good luck and remember to visit the Zany Zebra shop in the Marlands for fun activities and try to spot pictures from Wellow school.


I feel like a star already!

Wow, what a month I have had since leaving Wellow school. I am not sure know if anyone has spotted me. I have been watching the busy world of Southampton from the Zany Zebra headquarters in the Marlands shopping centre. This is where some of my larger cousins were painted. Inside the shop I have lived with my smaller friends that have also been beautifully painted.


A few weeks ago all of us had to `STRIPE A POSE!` for our first professional photo shoot. I think they got my best side. What a result, I look so shiny. Must be the last minute coat of varnish from Mrs Jones!


Say Cheese!

I have also had my first taste of social media fame. I was lucky enough to be chosen for the Zany Zebra Facebook page. Thank you for all my likes and the lovely comments.

Time to go

On Monday after a goodbye assembly and a morning of photo shoots I was finally ready to go.

Mrs Jones kindly gave me a lift to the Marlands shopping centre. I will live in the centre until the 16th July when I will go on public display somwhere in Southampton for the ‘Mane’ event!

Hope to see you all on the trail for those important ‘Zelfies’.

Wish me luck- Jigsaw xx

The competition

Unfortunately I was born without a single stripe! Luckily for me my new adoptive school would decorate me. Mrs Larcombe and Mrs Jones had an exciting challenge. The children were given the chance to enter a competition to design my new coat or to choose my new name.

What a result over 60 designs were entered! So many great drawings from animal skin print to a Minion outfit! Mrs Bennett kindly displayed all the entries in the hall on a beautiful Sahara scene.

On Friday 26th February the school held a Zany Zebra day. The children came dressed up as zebras or wore stripy clothes and we finally found out the winners. Some even had stripy faces, which I thought was funny. In celebration assembly the runners up and winners were all announced and awarded a voucher for Marwell Zoo.

The winning name ‘Jigsaw’ by Gabi Arney.

The winning design by Lauren Lo.


My new home

Earlier this year Wellow School adopted a Marwell Zany Zebra and lucky for me I was chosen! There are 100 school and youth groups that have adopted a small zebra sculpture this year.

I met the whole school in their assembly hall with my friends from Marwell Zoo. After meeting the pupils the Education Ranger held an Outreach workshop teaching the children about some of the animals from Marwell and the good work that they do. Looked like lots of fun.

The school is lovely with a great history, I am very excited about my future here helping the students and teachers to learn.

Until I left for my adventure in Southampton I lived in a front office where I met children and teachers. Having this time to get to know the school will help me when I return in October.


Hello my name is Jigsaw, welcome to my zebra blog! Here you will be kept up to date with all my adventures. I am off on my travels to Southampton city centre but I will be back to help the children at Wellow school with their learning. I hope you enjoy my stories and fingers crossed you will take lots of Zelfies for my gallery!